Do a pullet's feathers come in faster

Many strains of birds were bred to be fast/slow feathering so they could be feather sexed at birth. The females were bred to be fast feathering and males bred to be slow feathering. When they are crossed, you get feather sexable chicks. I think that this female trait does get passed on to some extent and thus why so many female chicks feather faster. However, I don't know if it does or will hold true for all brids/generations.
In my case, it's always the boys that feather faster than the girls.
It really depends on the breed. I find cochins are like that, but many of my bantams feather the same for both sexes. I wouldn't rely on this technique to be 100%
My nieghbor swears by sexing chicks that way. I am not so sure though. Last year sh thought had four little roo's which I bought as pullets and ar well now hens.

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