Do all bantam phoenix? ????


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Aug 14, 2020
Do they all have blue legs? Iv had 12 hatch, some have blue legs and some don't. Some are silver and some are brown.the rooster is a gold duckwing phoenix and i THINK the mama was a bantam BBR ( but there are silver hens in the same coop) Thanks in advance


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Dec 26, 2008
Central Alabama
Well, if they meet the SOP in all other ways, I suppose you could just call them off-colored. If I was going to breed from them, I'd only breed from those that were closest to the American Poultry Association SOP (Standard Of Perfection.) I belonged to the APA a very long time ago although I never really got into it so I do have a copy of the 1998 SOP. At that time there were only two recognized color varieties, Silver and Golden (I do not know if this is still true.) Both have the shanks and toes described as "light leaden blue" in color.

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