do all Lavender Araucana have dark legs?


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7 Years
May 18, 2012
i have a 12 week old chick i have posted a thread on what breed it is because i have been told it is a polish off who i got it off but other people say it is a Lavender Araucana pullet. i am just woundering do all Lavender Araucana have dark shank legs

well pink means i CAN darken into dark legs but they look to light i would say apolish mutt but extremly cute
thanks i thought it was a polish myself but a few people on here said it was a Lavendar Araucana but i had my doubts i also have a dark type frizzle are you able to help me what breed this is a lot of people say it is a blue frizzle cochin thanks...
can i have a picture of the frizzle and its feet? that should answer all questions. well she is probly a polishXlaveander ameracauna EE which means she could lay green or blue egg
but she can also lay brown white or tinted

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