do all welsummers lay speckled eggs?


9 Years
Feb 25, 2010
Leesburg, Ohio
i'm getting a couple Welsummers from Meyer hatchery this week. i'm wondering if i can expect them to lay speckled eggs? especially since they're hatchery stock? or will they most likely just lay a bit of a darker egg than say a RIR? does anyone here have experience with Welsummers from Meyer?
Our Welsummers didn't come from Meyer but I got them from a guy who works for Southern States so I'm pretty sure they are hatchery stock. The one Welsummer that's started laying lays a very nice speckled egg.

I had welsummers from 2 different hatcherys (neither is meyers) and some had speckled, some did not. I also have wyandottes that some days they lay speckled, but others from the same hen they are not.
I don't think you can count on your girls to lay speckled or not speckled. Basically, whatever your hen lays is what she continues to lay. If you get a speckled layer, she will always lay that kind of egg. I have both and they came from the same stock, one lays a nice dark, dense shell with no speckles and the other lays a freckly kind of egg. It is hit and miss. What you really want are DARK eggs. Getting from a hatchery, you are not going to get the best of the breed most likely.
true, i had placed my order a few months ago (before christmas)....then i wanted to hatch some eggs to keep me occupied before my girls arrived. well, i ordered Black Copper Marans hatching eggs....and i kept 2 pullets from that batch. so hopefully i'll get some dark eggs from them. i'll just be praying for speckled eggs from my welsummers!
You can count on a Welsummer to lay a speckled egg as much as you could any other dark egg layer. It's a hit and miss. I think the only guaranteed speckled layers are crosses bred for it.

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