Do any of your cats...drool?


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Apr 14, 2009
We have a very sweet cat – Silver – who will be six years old this spring. We've had him since he was about ten weeks old – he and his brother showed up as kittens on our property just a few months after we moved to the country. We think they were probably 'given' to us, as they were immensely friendly and LOVED people. My Dad hoped that they would leave if we didn't give them any food, but after three days, he gave in and we got our first over-a-pound-in-weight (we'd had fish and gerbils and a chinchilla) pets in this house. We named them Silver and Playful. Playful disappeared in less than a year, but Silver's still here (and we have two more cats now
). He's a big sweetie. He will follow you on walks like a dog, and brush up against your legs – in the summer, he loves tagging along with a toddler and all but knocking him over with his cheerful leg rubs (more like tummy rubs for a two-year-old). This past winter, he walked into a coyote trap and I was scared we were going to lose him. Several months later, his wounds have healed and although he can no longer use his right forepaw, he is quite back to normal and has gotten quite good at trotting around on three legs.


Now that I've probably bored you with my lengthy introduction to him, I will turn to the more important question I wanted to bring up. Silver, when he is happy, drools. Like drips of drool. If you're petting him and he's really enjoying it, drool will form on his lips and drip onto the ground (or your jeans). I've never heard of a cat drooling, and I don't think our other cats do it.

Does your cat drool?
My older cat BAby would drool terrible .. He did it most when he was being scratched or loved on .. I did take him to the vet and found some of the drooling had to do with qa few teeeth he needed out.. But after the teeth were removed he just kept doing it.. He would slime you goodd..
Oh, yes, cats do drool. It is perfectly normal and nothing to be alarmed about. Anything with saliva will drool from time to time. Our cats when in a very deep sleep and mouths wide open will leave a puddle on my pillow. Also, one of our cats was taken from his mother at 3 weeks. When he is needing us or our things he will have a little dribble on his chin. This simulates nursing on his mother.
Yes, I have a "drooler". I used to have 2, but "Sister" disappeared last spring
. Her brother, "Rufus", drools when very happy and purring while being petted/loved on. He and his sister were rescues - from under a neighbor's house - when they were about 6-7 weeks old. Maybe it's genetic? I have 2 other cats from a previous litter (from under the same neighbor's house, same mom) that don't drool at all, so I don't know what's up with that
. They sure are sweethearts though!
you have a drooler!!
It's very common and very normal- drool ranges from watery to slimy to even foamy when a cat is nervous. I have worked at a vet hospital for 20 years and have seen many.
The only time it may be a health concern is when it is caused by dental disease, excessive gum disease etc. If it's only when he's happy and his teeth are fine, then it's totally normal. Hope that helps!
I had a brother sister pair and the female has always drooled. When she is hungry for canned food she comes up and doesit in your face so that you have no choice but to get up and open the can.
Oh yeah, I've had some happy droolers. It is especially fun when they are sleeping in bed with you and snuggle up to your face and fall asleep all purr-y and then you discover that your pillow and half your hair is soaking wet and cat-breath-scented. However it IS cute


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