do Australorps "warble"?


12 Years
Nov 19, 2007
I bought six unidentified shiny blue-black hens at an auction Friday and am trying to identify their breed. They might be Australorps, or possibly Jersey Giants from what I read in the catalogue. They make a "warbly" sound when they make noise -- very different from my RIR and BOrps.

Any one know what Australorps sound like?
Now that's interesting!

We have only one Australorp, but she DOES sound different than our other girls. She has a cute little squaky/breathy voice that she uses when she is talking to us. None of the other girls do it. So maybe it IS an Australorp trait!?!
Love my Australorp!

Mine look just like yours, newchickmom, except their tails stand up straighter and "pointier" . Is that a typical tail in your pic?

Mine's combs look identical to your picture. However, 3 of mine have black legs and 3 have yellow legs, whereas yours all seem to have black legs?? Maybe mine are crosses? Two have tiny little feather tufts on feet that I didn't notice when I bought them. And one has a tiny sprinkle of gray under it's neck that looks like a cross.

They don't seem to "get" the free-range thing either. They just seem want to hang indoors by the nests all day long. Is it an Australorp quality to be poor foragers?

They are cute at night because they all pile into one nest together to sleep, and I like their warbling -- it's much more gentle compared to the squawking of the RIRs.
I have two australorps and they look just like newchickmom's. Their feathers are definitely black and green with black legs. They are great foragers and really prefer to be out in the yard than cooped in the run, and they're quite vocal about it too. No warble here, just a very loud squawking. I wish they would hang out in the nest!!!

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chickenannie, I have 20 hens and it seems there tails each look a little different. Some stand up and are pointyer like you said, and some are shorter, and some look more rounded off. I guess they are all just individuals.

The legs should be blackish with no feathers on them.
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