Do Bantams take less time to lay their first egg?


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Oct 22, 2017
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I’m getting Black Belgian D’Anver Bantams chicks this summer, and I want to breed them, but I’m afraid I’ll have to wait until NEXT Spring since they won’t be old enough and it will be too cold for them to incubate eggs (I’m planning on having a broody incubate and raise them).

So I’m wondering if Bantams start laying earlier than large fowl? Like 3-4 months?
Nope, bantams are still chickens. They incubate in the same amount of time (21 days) and lay in the same amount of time. It will vary by breed and also by individual. :)

Better to give your gals time to mature before sitting anyways. They get through it a lot easier when their minds and bodies have fully matured. :cool:
Actually, my D'Anvers start laying eggs a few months later than my large chickens. Mine ussually start laying around 9 months of age.

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