Do chickens ever peck at eyes?

I read fairly recently on these forums where someone had cornea damage following an eye peck. One of my chickens went for my eyes the other day. Scary! I tell the kids to not put their faces close.
I figured they did. Mine haven't attempted it so I wasn't sure, but I keep telling the kids to keep their faces away. Thanks for the replies.
Yes. A few years ago, a young cockerel got curious when I was close and decided to munch on the interesting, glossy, moving object. I was 13 at the time...had to go to the doctor for it (I'll spare you the details). It was pretty embarrassing to explain how it happened.
They go for shiny things like eyes, glasses, jewelry, toenails, etc. For that reason, I never let them near my face anymore.

ETA, I learned the hard way, scratched corneas hurt!
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