Do chickens feel sad when I take her eggs??


9 Years
Aug 4, 2011
Hi my chickens (well hens and roo) have been you know *wink wink nudge nudge* and we don't want new chicks so I was going to take the egg BEFORE she sets them, but will she feel sad??
Cause if so I will let her hatch them! But we are at a loss of what to do even if they aren't fertilised will she feel sad???
X2 Chickens might look to you as if they are sad, but that is more so your guilt for taking the eggs. My hens are not even fazed and any looks I get are more of curiosity than anything. I have never had a depressed hen from the loss of eggs or chicks. But, some times you will have a hen determined to hatch, it can sometimes be a very strong instinct.
Don't beat your self up so. Taking the eggs is nothing to feel guilty about.
What about if we let her hatch chicks then remove the roo and collect the eggs after then will she be sad??
Trying to keep a straight face!

This thread has got to be a joke, right?

Chickens *wink wink nudge nudge* all the time.

Chickens are animals they are not capable of feeling emotion in a human way.
I would not call it a joke. Some people have chickens as pets, instead of a business. Not everyone who posts is a mature adult either. So please have that in mind.
I think it is a good question. Based on what I have seen with mine, they just lay their eggs and walk out of the coop. They do not cluck or act upset when they look in the nest after I removed an egg, so I assume they're not keeping track of them..

Only a chicken can talk about chicken feelings. Humans aren't able to say whether or not they have feelings anyway.
I have heard of chickens being upset if they have another chicken that they pal around with & that chicken is killed by one means or another. But to say they are upset when you take their eggs or remove chicks from the hen. I think not. Yes people do have chickens as pets, but to put chicken in the same category as say a dog in regards to having feelings. No comparison.

I think the only time a chicken would get aggressive about her eggs, is if she is broody.
Yes little tears come to thier eyes and when they sit with thier heads under thier wings they r crying but dont want the other chickens to know. Poor poor hens

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