Do chickens get fleas?

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    May 23, 2011
    I noticed while holding one of our hens, these tiny flea like things on my arm, they jump....are they fleas? Also lifted the feeder in the coop and noticed some small beetle like bugs? How do I treat and get rid of these? Many thanks
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    Jul 24, 2011
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    I use DE and spread it in the pens, nest boxes and around the yard where they tend to dust themselves. You can put it directly on the birds, but they don't like it so you have to be sneaky. I've heard of some people putting it in bags, the put the bird in the bag with it's head out and just gently shaking to spread the dust around onto them.

    They don't get fleas like dogs, but they do get a type of lice that can be called a flea. If your birds have a small amount, they might not be as noticeable, but infestations are found by looking around the vent area where they tend to lay their eggs, or can be seen by the eyes, where they drink water from. Be vigilant. Even the mightiest roo can be felled by them because they compromise the immune system and can cause anemia.
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