Do chickens get jealous?


Mar 21, 2016
East TN
Yesterday, I went into the coop and was petting my sexlinks and marans. Now my sexlinks are always friendly, and one particular hen was especially affectionate.

My silkies are just starting to let me pet them. I got ahold of one of them and gave her a couple of pets

Next thing I know, that over affection sexlink and silkie are fighting all over the run. Now after it was all said and done, that sexlink came back up to me with a mouthful of feathers and wanting petted again.

Was she jealous I was petting the silkie, or was she trying to defend me from the silkie? Also I couldn't believe how well that silkie stood up for herself! I was impressed.
My chickens do get jealous of each other some times. Once I was holding one of my Barred Rocks, Marble, when one of my Australorps, Peppa, flew on to my arm and knocked Marble off! If you don't call that jealousy, I don't know what is!
Ok. I was doing rounds and she seems to keep coming back for more. it was weird because I also petted all the other chickens, but she chose the silkie to fight with lol

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