do chickens like to play out in the rain?


10 Years
May 6, 2009
its supposed to rain all week and my 4 1.2 week olds are getting majorly stir crazy! in general do chickens go out in the rain? (im guessing no but I could be wrong) and if they do like to go out in the rain are these too little to do that? they are going nutso! they won't stop cheeping loudly LOL!
A couple on mine do, but that young. Sometimes they like it , it is like a shower. they fuzz up and shake and then they look for bugs even more in the rain too.
it depends on the bird

when we had our flock I had several who went out in the rain - did not bother them at all

a few of my roosters did not like the rain but would stand out in just to watch over the girls

and there were a few that would not go out in it for anything
i couldn't take it anymore they were making me crazy

I ended up putting out the baby playyard thing (like a plastic fence that goes in an octagon heheh and put a tarp over it and stuck them in it... I couldn't stand the excessively loud cheeping in here anymore.. its bad enough that my kids are nutty and stir crazy...
I came home once in a down poor and I guess the wind blew the coop door closed which left them out in the rain.
They sure shrank up! It was funny to see my huge rooster look like a wet dog. I opened up the door but they stayed out looking for the worms and bugs I guess

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