Do Chickens need their toenail trimmed?

I was going to post the same question. My dad took my bantam and the eggs I ordered to his house to hatch and he trimmed her nails. I never thought of that I just figured they wear down with all the scratching they do. Hope someone answers.
You can clip your chicken's toenails. Use a dog nail clipper, just like on a dog.

Just be careful not to trim them too short. They have a quick, like the dog nails, and it will bleed. If you quick one accidently, you can dip the nail in Knox plain gelatin powder to make it stop.

I I think you can clip a rooster's spurs, too. I know someone who does it, just to blunt them. Seems like a good idea to me.
Yes you can. I just a silkie hen today off Craigslist, and her toenails were very over grown. So I just trimmed them with rabbit, or dog clippers. She was fine. :D

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