Do chickens pant?

Oh, they pant in the Texas sun!!!
Last summer i thought mine were dying of heat stroke because they were panting so much. They were fine but i did add a fan and misters in the coop and run!! It gets so darn hot here in Sacramento.
Oh yes, our 4 girls DO pant in our Texas heat.
Most of the hot afternoon, they just rest, or nap...... just today, put a large pan of water in their run, with a blue ice thing in it, and they LOVED it!

We did this in the afternoon, around 5pm and by 7 the ice thing was done and the pan of water muddy. But they had a good time with it..sipping and drinking the whole 2 hrs.
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I'm in Austin, Tx. and have an EE that's been doing the same thing. I'm glad someone else opened a thread about the panting...I was a bit worried myself after all the talk of MG.
According to the local chicken masters I know, other than MG and CRD, gape worm would be the only other disease symptomatic of panting. But, we supposedly never get gape worm down here.


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