Do chickens remember each other?


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Mar 16, 2016
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Last Wednesday I became mother hen to 5 - 5 month old pullets. One buff orp, one golden comet, and three black austrolorps. The man I bought him from had 7 pullets for sale, but my plan was to get a rooster so I didn't want to overcrowd the coop by getting all seven. The girls are just wonderful! Friendly, well behaved, obedient. I spend a lot of time sitting in their run with them, talking to them and giving them treats. I have decided I don't want to risk ruining this relationship by getting a rooster. So now that I have nixed that idea I am thinking about going back and getting the other 2 pullets. If I do that will they remember each other and resume their pecking order? Its been slightly less than a week since they have all been together.


Aug 9, 2016
If it's only been a week they should be okay. There may be some arguments but nothing major. If you're concerned you could put the new ones into a large dog crate or section off an area of the coop for them. It isn't likely they will cause any problems. Good luck:)


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I would not count on them 'remembering' their old flock mates after a week.
.....and after a week, the birds in your coop may feel sufficiently territorial to defend it against any newcomers.

With your coop being only 4x6', 5 birds is plenty, adding more might get crowded.

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