Do chickens sing? Seriously? I think mine do!


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Apr 24, 2009
Tab, Indiana
This morning my daughter was singing, I don't even remember what song it was, and all of a sudden there were 25 birds screaming and "singing" along with her! They went on for a few minutes after my daughter stopped singing, and then when my daughter started singing again, they started again too! It sounded like squawking but ended up sounding closer to the egg song by the time they finished. It was funny to hear them! My younger daughter tried to get them to sing with her too, but they wouldn't do it, lol. They only wanted to sing with my older daughter. That was a unique and funny experience this morning!


Dec 7, 2016
Okay. I've read this one and listened to what people call singing on YouTube and...I've heard those sound too.

However, from when I brought my chicks home at one week old, I have sang a Good Morning song to them every single day (same one) and a Night song, every single night, except one when I was in the hospital. They have always responded or it and sometimes sounded like they were singing alone. However, tonight, I did the Night song much quieter. They were lying in a stock tank, partial darkness. It's been too cold and snow covered to have them outside. They looked so comfy, I sang it quieter than usual and....they sang along in a way I have never heard before!!! It was like they were holding the notes. It was also done in a quieter sound than usual. I know I sound nuts but I swear this happened tonight! I was kind of freaked out! It was soooo cool but...I have never heard that kind of quieter longer "note holding" sound from them before.

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