Do chickens with Mareks lay eggs?


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Yes, sometimes. It depends on what form the Marek's takes. If she is well enough to lay, yes, a hen with Marek's can lay. And indeed the eggs are safe for consumption.

Hens with visceral Marek's may or may not lay-- there seem to be no hard fast rules for exactly how chickens act with this disease.

Hens that are latent carriers (infected but not symptomatic) often lay just fine. All of mine do.
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Apr 24, 2013
So , if a hen with suspected mareks has the paralysis what are thoughts on if she would lay still. I am really thinking its something other than mareks but I'm blown away that it appears this hen is laying with the Condition shes is.
She had not ever laid before so I assumed she never would until whatever this is for fixed. (Or of choose if culled) Yet I'm getting more eggs than what I think I should be from our flock. We have 2 blue egg layers (she is one) and the other has been laying for about 3 weeks. They are same age. . 5 blue eggs in 6 days in frigid negative temps. Only my prolific leghorns have ever done that. So I really think she's laying.
She never even stands up to walk. She just uses her feet to pull herself.

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