Do chicks all act differently?


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May 14, 2019
Woods of PA
So I have this one chick, an asian black pullet that is about 1 week old. She is a bit.. odd. By that I mean she doesn't peck at the ground as often as the other chicks she doesn't eat or drink as much (for what I've seen) and she loves laying down with the others... brooder temp is 5 degrees lower than what it should be but i don't think thats the problem? No I can't turn it up and yes they have a heat lamp and blanket over their brooder box.. it is also quite small. She does eat an drink though and sleeps sometimes in the day.. there is nothing physically wrong with her at all actually except for her acting like that.. I checked her all around.. even her poops are normal. Could this just be normal? I feed them chick starter and she has no injuries nothing wrong or anything and no access to outside or other chickens.
Hmmm. I would keep an eye out for her. Often that is a sign of failure to thrive. A little less hungry. A little more sleepy. Less active.

The lack of heat may be bothering her a little more than the others, especially if she is a little bit younger (by day or so) than the others.

They'll either rally...or they won't. You might try putting some Chick Saver vitamins and electrolytes in the water to help perk her up.

My thoughts.

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