Do chicks ever hatch a day or two early?


10 Years
Jun 28, 2009
I'm just wondering, because i have heard of such things, but the times i've seen posts on late hatches are more than those of early hatches... Do these things ever happen, and if they do, about how many days early? Thanks for the responses~!
Oh? That's interesting. What about with a broody hen then? I have one sitting on 11 eggs. Do those ever hatch early?
I had one hatch in my bator 2 days early...
Awesome!!! I kinda wish mine would do that right now; waiting is soo hard!!! Is it possible for them to hatch early under a hen though? not in an incubator?
You know come to think of it, the one chick that hatched early seemed to not eat, drink, grow as normal till his chicky friends hatched then he/she was catching up to grow, in fact it's feathers seemed to grow out slower than the others, so I dunno
I've only hatched 3 times..but usually they start coming on day 20...BUT this hatch I had 5 hatch on day 18 while still in the turner!!!! All very healthy! Then the other 5 hatched on day 20!???????

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