Do chicks need grit ?


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Jun 18, 2011
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I just received my chicks from MPC this morning. Everyone seems lively and happy and they are eating and drinking well.

I'm wondering though, do they need grit of some kind or does the chick feed have everything they need for now ? If they do, would ordinary play sand do the trick ?

I'm new to this, these are my first chicks so please excuse my ignorance. Thanks for any help.
I was worried about this when I first got my chicks so don't fret.

They only need grit if you're planning on giving them other foods besides their chick feed. If you're planning on just feeding them chick starter, then no grit needed.

You could feed them things like yogurt or scrambled eggs without having to supply them with grit.
Have fun with your new little fuzzy butts! I miss the days when they just looked like little colored cotton balls
Yes, but IF you decide (and you will!) to give them some other treats, say crickets, or grapes, or spinach, or let them out in the grass, you can just use coarse, clean sand in a little dish or sprinkled around, or "parakeet grit": available in pet stores, or you can order "chick grit" from online sources if you are determined to spend a little more money.
Chicks should not have grit until a few weeks old, and do not need it until a few minutes before treats. Ours all loved it. It was like a treat to them. lol

God in his goodness gave us chickens
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Congratulations your new chickies!!
I got my MPC babies this morning too!!
After a few days, you could offer a treat as mild as bits of chopped up hard boiled egg without grit. But I would "salt" their food with it before you begin giving them anything stronger than that, or before you take them outside for playtime for the first time (in case they'd ingest any grass bits).
Could you please explain this comment? Could you explain what harm feeding them grit does?

My broodies show their chicks how to eat grit as soon as they come off the nest. I feed mine grit by their third day, as soon as they have learned what their main food is. I think it helps with pasty butt. I also think it helps set their system up the way it is supposed to work. And if a hard shelled bug wanders into their brooder or they manage to eat something that is not already ground up, then I think they are safer.

I agree that if all they eat is chick feed, they don't need grit. But I do not agree that giving them some grit will harm them, which is how I read this comment.

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