Do different breeds lay at different ages?

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    Feb 23, 2011
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    Ok- I have 9 White Leghorn pullets of which at least 2-3 are laying (they've been laying for 2 weeks now). They are 1-2 weeks younger than my BRs, BAs, NHRs and GSLs which are NOT laying yet! Do different breeds lay at different ages? The brown egg layers are 19-20 weeks old, which would make the Leghorns 17-18 weeks old- which would mean they started laying at 15-16 weeks old... is that "normal"? Are Leghorns quicker to mature? What are the signs I should be looking for in my other pullets to indicate they will start laying?

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    Still a newbie here, but my golden comets started laying at 18 weeks and 2 of my EE at and 2 BR started laying at 22 weeks, 2 of my EE are not laying yet . [​IMG]
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    Quote:different breeds will lay at different ages.

    leghorns are one of the quicker to mature than other breeds.

    and some signs are red combs and squatting when you go to pet them.

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