Do dogs hurt chicks-- or do CATS hurt chicks???


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Feb 15, 2009
I am wondering if a dog or a cat hurt chicks. I have a black lab and a tiger looking cat. I don't know if they will hurt my 21 chicks. Please help.
You will need to make sure to keep you chicks protected because both or your pets can/will/may think 'chicken nugget'.

Until you know for sure, I would not leave them unsupervised around your chicks.
Once the chicks are bigger they should be able to hold their own agtainst the cats, but dogs can be deadly. Youtube has a video of the dog whisperer working with a dog to train it to stay away from chickens. Looks pretty effective. Good Luck!
my cats can kill full grown squirrels with out batting an eye, so a chick is certailnly a possibility. I would think that my cat can kill a full grown chicken too if given the chance, or at least a bantam.
Our cat (15 pounder) tried to chase one of my BR roo's last fall and when the Roo squawked and held his ground the cat stopped and looked and then walked away. Now they ignore the chickens totally. I think that an adult chicken will give to much fight most times for a domestic free range cat to bother.

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