Do ducklings chirp for their owner’s attention?


Jun 20, 2021
Aside for food, water, and warmth, do ducklings ever chirp for attention or cuddles from their owners?? Some of my ducklings won’t stop chirping unless I pick them up and cuddle with them, mostly at night. They’re not fully feathered yet, but I do let them outside to hang out during the day. I don’t notice any illnesses in them. They have food and water and warmth. They don’t completely trust me yet. Is it possible that they’re chirping for my attention at night, or are they wanting out of their brooder to explore? They’re 4 weeks old and they’re pekin ducklings.
They've imprinted on you, which is a blessing and a curse. It's good that they like you but if they get panicked when you're not around, they could hurt themselves.
That chirp means, “Mom! Mom! Mom! I’m lost! Help!”
It’s really cute to have ducklings imprint on you…but it’s also hard on them to be without their mom so much.

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