do ducklings' wings go bald before they get their feathers?


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May 10, 2008
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I have two two-week-old ducklings, a Pekin and a Buff. They both appear to be very healthy and active - good appetites, eyes clear, etc. The Pekin has lost about half of her down on her little wings and has sparse down on the back of her neck. The Buff has lost a tiny bit of down on her wings. Is this normal?

They're inside the house, in a sheep trough with a heat lamp, hay/straw for bedding and eating waterfowl crumble with chopped egg and lettuce as a treat every day. Also getting vitamins and electrolytes in their water.

My chickens all went through a gawky phase when getting their feathers but I've never raised ducklings before. It seems odd that she'd have such naked wings.


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Mar 7, 2010
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I have Indian Runner ducks and yes all of mine have gone thru ugly nakedish stage.
It doesn't last long but it is kind of disturbing when you see it for the first time! Just keep an eye on them and as long as they seem healthy and are eating and drinking then just be patient and the ugly ducklings will develop into beautiful mess making quackers!!!


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Yeah, ducklings grow so fast, they seem to outgrow their fuzz before the feathers come in. Like as if the skin gets stretched out and the fuzz gets thin. And it's weird to me, that they are so different from chickens in feather development. Chickens seem to almost hatch with functioning wings. Ducklings seem to go through an ape arms stage before they get their wings sorted out... and then their primary feathers are coming in and it looks like they've got pocket combs growing out of their arms. Freaky little dinosaurs they are.

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