Do ducks need water 24/?

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    My daughter's new Khaki Campbells are very messy with their water. We know they need water when eating, but do they need to have water/food access 24 hrs a day? I feel they could go overnight without it, but she thinks they need water all night too. Anyone with duck experience with advice? Thanks!
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    Apr 11, 2009
    well my mother in law used to take muscovy ducklings and put them in a box at nite and cover with a coat so they didn't get cold and did not give them water
    just so they don't get feed and no water
    I would try it and see if they are okay
    so they don't injest any bedding
    so that they have water at last set before going to bed
    PM me
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    I know a lot of people who keep the water and food in the pen and not in the house...seems like they are fine o/n...I should as they just make a giant mess all the time...but I feel bad that they couldn't get a drink in the nighttime...really probably just fine.
    The other idea I have been using for ducklings this year is a 1/2 gal milk jug laying on it's side with a hole a little bigger than their heads cut in the top side. If you fill it 2/3 of the way the water from them snorgling in it stays in the jug. Very helpful in brooders! You could make a larger one for bigger ducks...
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    I have four young ducks (almost 5 months old) that I got the end of April. I lock them up at night, in a large plastic airline type dog crate, so that predators cannot get them. I do not give them food or water. They go in at dusk and come out in the morning, at first light. When I let them out, they are fine, but do go right to the water dish and get a drink. I don't think it will hurt them. It's approx. 10 1/2 hours for them, now that I just added it up. It gets dusk/almost dark around 8ish, and I let them out at 6:30 or so. It does seem like a long time. I know that if they had food, they have to have water, but if they do not have access to food, I think they are probably ok.

    I will wait to hear more from more experienced members, along with you. My duckies seem very healthy and are growing, happy, and very active, so I think they are probably ok.

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    Thanks for your suggestions. The ducks are 8 weeks old but almost full sized already. I know they don't drink all the water they go through during the day...water is strewn all over their cage. The coop should be done this weekend (Yeah!)[​IMG], but I don't want it to look like their cage. The run will be the best area for their feed and water, at least until fall/winter hits northern Ohio.
    Of course, I would still love to hear from other experienced duckers!
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    Take it away at night. When mine was inside at night I used a metal panwith cloth hardware over it to set there waterer on. Every time a duck takes a drunk they have to poop so this helped in two ways. One when they climbed up there to wash all of the water would drain down in the pan. Second when they pooped it went in the pan also. This made it much easier to clean
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    May 12, 2013
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    New to keeping ducks and just started using this site. I had some questions for you guys.
    My ducklings are nearing 2 months right now (2 rouens) and I think they're about ready to start staying out for the night. I've attached a hinged and latchable door to a dogloo for a secure night time shelter and lined the bottom with pine shavings.

    If I lock them up in there for the night without water, do you think there will be a problem when they inevitably start chewing on their pine bedding? What if I used straw bedding instead?
    I've also drilled out a small hole in the top and popped a solar light through (the kind you stake into the ground next to paths minus the stake and the glass cover) in hopes that they will enjoy being able to see in their house at night. Do you think this night light will make the ducks restless or promote night time activity like chewing on their bedding?

    what do you all use for bedding - those of you who keep your ducks locked up for the night without water/food? Have you encountered any problems with the ducks eating their bedding without water to help wash it down?

    Thanks. I look forward to hearing your advice.
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