do easter eggers stop laying during the winter


11 Years
Jul 3, 2008
first winter with easter eggers they are 2 buff orp easter egger cross. 1 wheaton easter egger cross lays pinkish eggs. got them in october they were 16 months old when i got them. they layed from when i got them until november 21st. havent laid since. was wondering if this breed takes a break in the colder months. there arent molting so thats not it. i also got a black copper marans same age with this bunch and she has yet to lay a egg since i got her in october. anyone know much about the black marans laying pattern.
Most birds take a break from laying during the winter months to recharge their egg batteries, she will lay again when she is good and ready and not a moment sooner.
They need so many hours of day light (14+ i think) You can always put a light on them for a few hours in the evening. I turn on the light in my coop and leave it on at night. I get eggs all year round...except when they molt.
a lot of my EE are molting or just plain not laying too. I have one pullet that just reached POL and she's producing one small green egg a day, even her same aged friends are giving me nothing. let's all hope they start laying soon! I'm afraid I might have to BUY eggs!
And that makes those hatchery birds burn out even faster, sure it does help with them laying in the winter but at some point will they will take a break regardless of how much light you give them. They will lay better come spring if given a rest during the winter, but allot of folks just want eggs and lots of them regardless of what the hen can do and when.
thanks for all the replys. i let all my hens rest during the winter months no forced light in my coop. i have 18 other hens that give me eggs everyday so i dont mind the easter eggers taking a break. i get 7-14 eggs a day from my 9 white leghorns and 9 golden comets combined. all started and are still starting to lay this summer and fall.
mine have a lite... They get 12 hrs total lite between the free range time and the supplement... So, only 2 extra. Some lay every day, some every other. Some will lay for a few days in a row, then will skip several days... But it sure is cool to get 8 eggs when they all lay in one day. But normal is 4-5. Occasionally 6 for me.
My Easter Eggers don't seem as cold hardy as other breeds. Last winter, almost all the hens (born in May) laid eggs all winter (no light provided), except for my Easter Egger, who quit for a couple of months.
This year, I have 2 younger Easter Eggers. One started laying in October, but now she is taking a break. The other one is laying, but she didn't start until early this month.
I also noticed on really cold days, I am likely to find the EEs hunkered down in the coop, while the other breeds are more likely to be out.

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