Do EEs go broody?

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    Anybody have any experience? I have a 1 year old EE hen acting odd. She spent most of the afternoon glued to the coop whilst everyone else was out free-ranging and enjoying a spectacularly sunny day (after a TOO long winter), doing the egg song for much longer than usual, and she seems to be spending longer than usual in the nest box with the most eggs - giving me the "piss off" look when I come to collect eggs. She definitely isn't truly broody yet but is she heading that direction?
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    That sounds pretty close to being about right for a hen trying to go broody.

    I want more broody hens. I just did a hatch in the incubator and a concomitant hatch under the broody. Had about a 25% hatch rate in the house but an 80% hatch rate under the broody. Ding ding ding, the broody wins every time!

    ETA: Yes, EE's do go broody occasionally. My broody is an EE/american game mix, and her mother was an EE and hatched her during a broody phase.
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    Sounds like a broody! See if she raises her feather at you if you get near her.
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    My last broody was an EE, 2 or 3 years old, never went broody before. She hatched the chicks and was a good mama for 4-5 weeks.
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    Yes they do.

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