Do EE's have wattles?


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Ok so I have another thread wondering gender of this one which most have said they felt a rooster. :( But I also have read that EE's usually dont have wattles? This one does and the feet are feathering? Is this normal for a Easter Egger? I have a lighter one that is doing same thing.


Also do you think around 4 weeks? I got them from a local feed store and dont know how much girl knew. She felt they were all pullets too. ;)
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As far as I know, every breed has wattles. Some breeds may have larger wattles than others. For instance a Production Red will have larger wattles then an Easter Egger. The difference is a production red has a single comb and an easter egger has a pea comb.
It's hard for me to tell on your bird, but it almost looks as if he has a single comb?

With that said, I think you may have a rooster. How old is he? His comb/wattles look awfully red to me. Usually hens comb and wattles dont get that red until closer to laying age (16 weeks or so). The feathering on his feet and his possible single comb makes me think that he isn't an easter egger.
Here is the lighter 2nd one in question if Roo or pullet and if a EE?
Also I want to say they are about 4 weeks as I got them as chicks first week of April. Girl thought 3 days or so when I got. ?

Hard to see but a tiny wattle trying to come out here. ;)

This ones comb is a weird shape?

See the feathers on feet again. I have 4 standard size EE's (or suppose to be EE's lol and these are the only two with feathers on legs and feet) These are the two some on this forum thought possible Roo's too so maybe thats why? Do EE Roos have feathery feet?
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That doesn't look like an Easter egger to me. Easter Eggers generally have green feet, a peacomb, small to no wattles and no feathered feet. It looks like you have a mix or a different breed.

This is my Easter egger roo
both look to be cockerels. an easter egger is any bird that carries the blue egg laying gene but does not meet the breed standard of the ameraucana. I have an ee with feathered legs and since they are already mixes basically they can look like anything
Ok learning. WOW that is a beautiful Rooster. I am really hoping to keep a few roosters but we shall see. I have 28 chickens all mixed on sizes and breeds so am concerned if these ones are roosters how they will interact with the bantams etc... I think I have a Millie Fleur rooster too and want to keep that one. Darn it love em all! lol

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