Do egg bound hens usually die??

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    May 19, 2009
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    I think I had a hen get eggbound on me yesterday. She had only just started laying and had never really got around to laying a regular hard egg; just soft shelled or no shelled membranes. I feed back their shells and added free choice oyster shell. What else could I have done differently.
    I did see her pass what appeared to be yolk and white a couple of times and attempted to massage out what ever she may have had inside, but this A.M. she was gone.
    Do eggbound hens usually die or do they usually clear up?
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    I've had one eggbound hen, and she died. Treatment sometimes works, but depending on the hen, eggbound history they may or may not die. My one was an ex-batt, eventually she died in my arms. At the moment the chances are about 50:50. Oyster shell helps with the shell production. Not all hens die, but not all survive. This can also depend on the treatment administered.
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    Some will and some will not die. [​IMG]

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