Do eggs get heavier during incuabtion?

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  1. I was just curious....

    Someone else thought they should be get lighter and DH and I think that if something is going on in the egg they should get heavier.

    Now we are all stumped [​IMG]

    Anyone know! [​IMG]
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    No, I think they get lighter.
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    I would think that they get heavier at first... But since the air cell gets bigger as they grow I would say should get lighter! Our thought of a baby getting heavier as it grows comes from mammals like us! They absorb from mom as they develop but eggs have everything they need in the egg to start! Yet there is more air at hatch than at lay, so I would say for sure lighter! [​IMG]
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  5. Thanks guys for your help on this!!

    Thank you Silkie [​IMG] for the link it makes sense on what you were saying. It was very interesting how Chellester described it as well!
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    I actually have eggs going into the hatcher tomorrow that I have been weighing at each candling I have a post on here somewhere for the begining and 1st candling but have not put up the 2nd candling weights yet as I have been ridiculously busy the last few days and it is getting worse but that is OK I am making $ to help finance my chicken habit.

    OK I updated here is the link
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