Do guinea chicks peep during hatch time? And an experiment and theory.

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10 Years
Oct 10, 2009
So, some of you may have read an earlier thread about a guinea egg incubated by the sun. I found an egg outside that was incubated by the sun and I took it in. Today I noticed feathers appearing in the egg, like he was drying them inside the egg and blood vessels disappearing. He had internally pipped for a while now, and there was no activity. This made me believe that the chick was having issues hatching. So this and a number of other factors made me decide that it was time for me to open it up for him. After cracking open the air vessel side of the egg I noticed he never pipped at all, rather it was just the membrane taut over his body because it had dried to an extreme amount. After opening the membrane I pulled his out for him to breathe. He was breathing for the first time. He does not peep, nor does he move around very much. My question is do they peep when hatching? If they do then I can only assume his lungs are not fully developed and need time for them to work properly. While opening him up I also noticed the yolk was almost completely absorbed. I did not disconnect him from the egg so he should be fine on that part. My theory is that living here in Glendale, AZ, where the humidity is near 0 almost all the time, and where the temperature is 100+ even during the night. I believe that the egg's membrane shrink wrapped him while still in the egg, so he was unable to move into position when internally pipping and his lungs never developed and he never hatched. He is sitting in the bator now wrapped in a moist paper towel. What are your thoughts?

And once again, do keets peep during hatch time?

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