Do Guineas eat Ticks?

Of all the things people say about guineas the tick eating is really true. I used to have ticks on my dog and I haven't seen one in years. They don't eat red ants and I've never seen mine go after a snake. Oh and the head is just a decoration - not a lot of brains in there.
its true.... sooo true....
YES! I had guineas, and there is always that one neighbor... so I fenced in my yard, and everyone complained that they had ticks again, so we let a few free range again... NO ticks!
Yes they do indeed take care of ticks!!! The first 2 years I lived here my horses suffered horribly from the tick infestation... I was literally pulling off at least 50 ticks per horse at feeding time every day, ALL YEAR LONG. There was no "tick season" on this property, it was a year long battle. Sprays and drops had no effect on reducing the numbers I was pulling off my poor horses, dogs and cats. THEN... I got Guineas
I stopped using sprays and drops and I think I have pulled off maybe a total of a dozen ticks off of all 6 of my horses, 5 dogs plus 2 outside cats combined over the past 5 yrs. And I have yet to see one on ME
We had ticks so bad you couldn't stay outside for more than 5 min. without getting one on you. After about 1 1/2 months of 8 Guineas they had cleared about 50 acres of ticks. Now you NEVER see any ticks.

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