Do Guineas get Marek's

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    I was reading on Mareks and was wondering if Guineas get it? I have a guinea that has been off! IT seems like his wing is broke then he was flopping around on his back. I thought possible rat poson posoning. He is eating drinking just acticing tired not that I have given him room but he is lazy the one wing is droopy sometimes he is shaking (not from fear or cold) Sometimes its like he has pulled his head into his body and his feathers are fluffed. HE is being fed Purinas Flock Raiser and I was giving him Vitamin K shots as I thought he may have ate a bit of rat poson. He didnt like the shots and started to peck us when we went to get him out of his crate lol! But HELP I dont want him to suffer but also dont want to put him down if there is something I can do!!
  2. The answer to your question is YES.

    Please do a google search on the matter. If you have a bird that can eat and drink yet does not get along, has drooping wings and can not use one leg, then you MAY have the disease.

    Other things can mimic Marek's disease. Botulism, bad feed (fungus), mold (watch that bread for mold before you treat)

    MG and MS are MUCH more common and these too can mimic marek's depending on the severity of infection.

    If you have a lot of birds dropping dead, then start to cull any that show signs of disease. They will only become carriers.

    This is SO very hard to do and in practice SUCH a shot in the dark.

    Isolate at the VERY least. Fresh water EVERY DAY, fresh feed and fresh litter may help more than you can imagine.

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