Do guineas vector blackhead disease like chickens do?


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Jul 5, 2011
SE Oregon
I want the guineas to live out in a back pasture where the turkeys will also be. Can they roost together or will they endanger my turkeys?
If one knows that there is Blackhead in the area (check with DNR/Ag extension agent), then it is a good idea to place all poultry on a regular worming schedule with Fenbendazole/Albendazole. This will prevent the intermediate vector from proliferating in the chooks (primarily). Turkeys don't `need' any `help' to contract Histomoniasis. However, chickens, in particular, represent a concentrated, usually asymptomatic, reservoir of grief for the gobblers.

Lund and Chute (1969) found that young chickens were 16 times as effective as mature chickens in hosting cecal worms, and that young turkeys were almost negligible in this respect. Lund and Chute (1973) tested 8 species of gallinaceous birds and found that the Chinese ringneck pheasant was the best host for cecal worms, followed by chickens and guinea fowl.
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