Do hens accept new chicks as their own?


5 Years
Aug 13, 2014
A few months ago, my little bro's hen had five chicks (one didn't survive) and she rejected one for being black while the others were yellow. Popuri was her name, she lasted a few weeks until my stupid sister's chihuahua was let into the house and she killed her... only three remained and they lasted more than popuri, but they escaped the cage in the shed and we found them dead... no survivors... my little brother was devastated...

I was thinking to myself and asking myself, could a hen accept new chicks or will she attack them? Would it make her happy? Or depressed?

If any of you tried to attempt this, please do tell me about your experience and If it's a bad idea, please explain why. Thank you.


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Dec 25, 2012
Big Bend of the Tennessee River's Right Bank.
If the hen in question hatched the chicks in question, or if you can deceive her into thinking that the chicks that you want her to raise for you are her own flesh and blood (the hen we are talking about is incubating eggs is she not?) then the hen will brood and hover these motherless chicks for you.... maybe. Other wise the odds are almost 100% that she will kill them. You would have more luck giving the new chicks to your sister's dog to look after in my humble opinion.

I haven't had a bad experiences with this in almost 68 years because I gave up on trying to do it over 60 years ago.

To satisfy my own curiosity is the hen and little chicks in your post the hen who killed the off colored chic?

You need to ask the hens why they do the things that they do, they just do them.

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