Do hens crow

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    Jul 25, 2011
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    I have this odd EE/Ameraucana type (black and brown). I have never seen her lay. She pretty much rules to roost (no one dares mess with her) and she stays to herself a lot. She has a small single comb. Recently she started crowing in the morning. It's not a full on Rooster crow but hell what do I know. I have never seen her mount a hen. She's very odd. She won't let you get near her but if you do happen to grab her she sits still and behaves.

    My wife thinks it might be a rooster. A young guy (18) gave her to me about 2 months ago. Said it was a hen. I need to take pics of it so you can see but before that is it possible for a hen to crow? I'm not talking "I just laid an egg" kind of song, more like a real wake up in the morning crow.
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    i have a 7 week old EE with similar coloring...she (i hope it's a she) has thicker legs and a stance that has more attitude than my others which makes me wonder about the gender. I posted pics yesterday and the general consensus was she's really a he. I am holding off on final judgement until they start laying which should be around november/december. [​IMG]
    i don't know if you can pick him out in this last picture...he's at about the 10-11 o'clock mark...

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