Do hens do they "Hey You!" Whistle? Or only drakes? PEEEEEP??


9 Years
Jan 28, 2010
central massacheezits
You know the whistle I mean? I've got a little one doing the baby-version. Wondering if it's a boy thing or an everyone-thing

Also noticing, I think it's the dominant duck in each group who's done it - first-born, both times. My sample size is small so I'm not drawing conclusions, just find it interesting
Whistle? I haven't heard a whistle yet or maybe I am missing it. I know I have 2 males so far. Ok, I think I have 2 boys so far.
How old are they when you hear the whistle? Or am I just missing something all together here?
Maybe I can't hear it over Rowena yakking all the time or Quackers talking to herself constantly.

I was pretty sure that the two in the back were boys. A Pekin/Rouen mix and a Rouen. They don't quack but the Runner (Quackers) and Rowena quack a lot.

I have only heard my drakes do that....the one I KNOW is a hen just quacks very loudly when she sees the "food person".
lol it sounds sorta like the kind of whistle you do with two fingers in your mouth, to get someone's attention - "HEY BUDDY!" Starts low, ends high.

Maybe they're trying to hail a cab

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