Do hens have issues laying their first eggs ?

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Jul 30, 2020

I was hoping you could all offer me some advice (again!) my young silkies are coming up to 5 months old. I’ve noticed today one of them has been in the nest box she’s picking up bedding and throwing it behind her and sitting on it, her vent is pulsating quite a bit and she’s squarking very loudly round the run. Would this mean she is going to come into lay?

Do I need to keep an eye out for anything when she starts laying will there be an issues etc ? I’ve only ever had ex batteries who or course have never ending egg laying issues so I’m absolutely paranoid about the silkies!

Thank you !
It does sound as if she is coming into point of lay. If it helps at all, I have never had a silkie with laying issues.
Reviving old thread since my issue kind of aligns with hens and first egg issues.

Right now my hen has just started to lay and has tried a total of 4 times this week. The issue is that 2 out of the 4 times there has been no shell just yolk and whites, looks like someone cracked an egg on the floor. The other two times there has been a very thin and see through shell that was soft and pliable.

I am not sure of exact age of chicken but she just came into laying. We feed everyone all flock but also offer a bowl of oyster shell along with giving worms daily of every other day. I initially thought it was due to lack of calcium but we have been offering supplementation. Could it possibly just be young layer that is taking a little bit longer to mature? read up on feeding her calcium +D3 supplements but haven't gone that route since its still early in laying and don't want to just start cramming stuff down her throat when it is as simple as waiting

She clucks and acts like a normal layer
If she is still within the first week or two of laying it isn’t unusual at all for them to still be sorting out the kinks in the egg production process. If she is still laying soft eggs after two weeks, or if she starts to seem like she is straining or acts sick come back and post for further guidance.

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