Do I have 4 cockerels?


5 Years
May 25, 2016
Our 3 chicks were hatched 6/15/16 - making them about 7 1/2 weeks. They were sexed at the hatchery with a supposed 90% success rate. I am beginning to wonder if we might have 4 cockerels....
Junebugenna (not sure if that is correct spelling) has already told me that "Tilly", (sold as an Ameracauna, but I know now is an Easter Egger) based on coloring is a cockerel.

The other "Ameracauna" is Henrietta - guessing she is also an Easter Egger. She is on the left in the below picture. Middle bird is Dottie and on the right is Tilly.

Then we have Dottie- seen 2 pictures above in the middle and also below. She was sold as a Black Astralorp (sp?)

And last is Buffy - a Buff Orpintgon.

Thoughts on sex? Fingers crossed that at least 2 are pullets...
thank you!!!
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thank you- yes- that is the one that Junebuggena said was cockerel. So glad that is the only one so far......
Thank you Drumstick Diva
The more I read on BYC the more worried I am that the other EE- Henrietta may also be a cockerel and that the Black Astralorp, Dottie might be one as well. Buffy- the Buff Orpington seems more pullet.
Going to be very difficult if there is just one pullet. Buffy already does not like it when the other 3 have gone up into the coop.
Guessing I will need to post pictures when they are a little older.
Sure wish chickens were a lot more obvious as to gender!
thanks again!
I have some current (9 week old) pics of Henrietta- unfortunately no straight on comb pic. The feathers near the tail are confusing me- since they look like they are getting long to me. Henrietta's comb is not as dark, or as large as Tilly- the red that is a cockerel.
Would love to have your feedback.


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