do i have a broody?

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  1. hi
    \\ finnaly i think i have a broody duck. i have a cayuga duck that i finally think is broody. she made a little nest un a board i put. and she only has one eggs but is sitting on it and wont go up around the coop and she pull hay around her.
  2. well now she has 3 eggs and pulls more hay in they nest
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    My Cayuga girls prefer to make their own beautiful nests instead of using the nest boxes and will always lay their eggs then pull a bit of straw over the top of the nest to hide them.

    I once left them in there for 10 days but they still wouldn't brood them. When I finally went inside to pull the eggs from the nest they got very concerned and paced outside the door. When I left the went in, looked at they empty nest and looked at each other over and over. So now I let the eggs sit out there for about 3 days at a time to give them the opportunity but they don't want to brood right now [​IMG] Maybe next season.
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