Do I have a hen or rooster?


7 Years
Aug 11, 2013
I am new to raising chickens. I have 10 in my flock. I have 6 older hens, 4 are laying, 2 should be in the next 2 months. 1 rooster, and 3 chicks. I am not sure if the chicks are hens or roosters. 1 is a rhode island red, 1 barred rock and 1 golden buff, I am pretty sure the buff is a hen, the other two, I am not sure. Any help would be appreciated

Of the three chicks in the last picture, the one on the left looks like a roo with all the comb and the patchy reddish color, it isn't a RIR, not sure what it is. The second chick looks like a girl, the Golden Buff? The BR looks like a roo also, pretty light colored and seems to have a fair amount of pink comb.
How old are the chicks? where did you get them?

I believe two of them are roosters, the barred and the brown/white. but the barred bird looks to have white earlobes, and the other one is not a rhode island red. They both look mixed to me.
They are 7 weeks old tomorrow. I got them from a man who raises chickens for the past 10 years, ( I think he said) He said the one was a barred rock, rhode island red and buff. I was thinking the two larger ones where roosters. Thanks for your input.
Barred Plymouth Rock cockerel and mixed breed cockerel. The white earlobe that some others have been seeing actually appears to be the stiff feathers covering the ear; you can see the beginning of a red earlobe beneath those feathers.
You have a Barred Rock cockerel and a mixed breed cockerel, a Bantamlover21 said. Both are obvious roosters because of their color pattern (the Barred Rock is light in color, and the mix has blotchy coloring), and their comb size (females have much smaller combs at this age).
Thank you for your thoughts on the gender. I thought too they were cockerels, but I wanted the opinion of others. I appreciate all the responses, I am new to raising chickens and this is very helpful.

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