do I have a serious problem??

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    Friday I had a pullet who died suddenly. She just started laying so we were thinking she was just too small or was egg bound.She had no signs of distress other than the fact she didn't seem to know what was going on with the egg laying. Now I am not so sure.
    Our Faverolle pullet started sneezing today, almost sounds like coughing, shakes head periodically, and when she breathes she wheezes . She is closing her eyes almost like she is sleeping but she doesn't normally act that way in the yard or during the day. Also this pullet has always seemed unthrifty a month ago she dislocated her beak-or so it seamed-then a weak later I thought she had gape worm but I put some oil down her throat and she got better. She is very small for her breed but I was told that hatchery faverolles are smaller than the standard.
    Now I just noticed a wyandotte pullet has just started to shake her head alittle, but that was only this am and I haven't noticed it since.

    We have also been getting really cold here at night and the days are not that much warmer, it is not abnormal for here but after the summer being abnormally hot I was just wondering if the sudden drop in Temps could cause this. Maybe they just have colds??

    Any thoughts?
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    Chickens don't get colds..but I do think they can get phenomia .... I would isolate her away from your other birds and watch for any other signs. If she has been unthrifty all this time she may have a lower immune system and pick up things easier. Handle her last, including her food and dishes etc.. To keep from contaminating healthy birds. Reavaluate and see where you are in a month.

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