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    take for my 5 year old DD to another school? Even she is doing too well in classes but she appears to be bored. She would constantly be in trouble for "distrupting" in class by showing them how to do it rather than letting them do it themselves. Her teacher sent a note to ALL parents that they are having disclipinary problems with the students and we should discuss it with our kids what they can do and not do. Frustrating to say at the least, another note for all parents telling us we need to displine our kids about behavior and what they need to do during classes.

    So I went to the District Office to let them know about it and they KNEW of the problems of this school and there is not much they can do about it. I told them that I would like to take my DD out of school to another school. They told me she can attend Magnet schools or private school or homeschooling (that one is not an option for us). With so many numberous school in the town, I was appalled how limited we have in choosing the school for our children. In our "district", we have one school that she goes to that received a very poor grade (under a watch by state) and the only one in our area that is "public". Today was frustrating, we were supposed to get a call from one of the selected schools and the first choice is the magnet school which ONLY our DD would be selected is by "lotto" (picking names out of the hat) and a very LONG waiting list to get in. Another school which is roughly two miles away, they are full and it is out of our district.

    In short of my hubby yanking my DD out of public school, I am short on patience in getting the education and better environment for my DD that she is probably bored in class. This school she is attending is a very poverty level, low income students there which it is almost 75-80% blacks and 40% disabliity. The teachers there has NO motativation, drive or "I dont care" attitude about things in there. I overheard one teacher telling one parent that she is only here for the money, nothing more. [​IMG] It is a depressing place for them to work there. Even the teachers in other schools we visited gave us the knowingly look when we told them where our DD is going to school and they understood our reasons why we wanted to "transfer" her out of school. Our district office assistant is trying to help us out but we are OUT of our district when we are choosing schools for our dd.

    We can not afford private schooling, making only $21,000 a year. We do have a Saint Theresa school but it is for Catholics and we are not Catholics. Our family counselor suggested that to look into getting some scholarship or Christian school which we have no idea where we can do this. We do not attend church for a very long time nor planning to do so. However we do value the Christian values upon the students.

    We can not move at this point, too much work needed to be done on the house and the neighborhood is quiet and I can have chickens there LOL! In short of lying about moving to my uncles or my parents house in a different school district, I do not think it would benefit us doing that because it will come back and bite us in the butt.

    What choices do we have???????????
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    In my experience, Catholic schools will usually accept non-Catholic students. Catholic schools in my area are as good or better than the average grades in my county, and students tend to have high drive and good academic skills.
    It's somethin' to look into if you feel like it.
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    Well sorry to hear about those troubles, I can relate. Get her out of there NOW. She is too important. She is only in Kinder, so she can miss a little school while you figure this out!
    1. You don't have to "lie" to send her to another school. You can apply at the district office for an interdistrict transfer or intradistrict transfer to a better school of your choice. There does not have to be a better reason than "your local school is terrible" but you can also cite a reason like "your job is nearer to the preferred school." Apply at more than one school. I did this with my kids.
    2. Are you totally sure you can't home school her?? The states make it easy on you nowadays by giving you a packet you complete in a week then bring it back and you both meet with the teacher. You're not all on your own.
    3. Look into that application for a scholarship thing. Sounds like a good idea!
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    I thought you HAVE to be Catholic to go to Catholic schools. Also it is private as well and it might be too cost prohibitive for us to pay for her education. And yes, they were one of the three BEST schools to attend that have HIGH marks in the state level tests.

    I am not able to homeschool her. I do not have enough "education" to train daughter for schooling or guide her other than outdoor activities and all the family fun stuff going to museums. But for classrooms, nope. Even I have a college degree, I do not have the "knack" of getting in the criteria needed for her schooling.

    Edited to remove racial comment. I can understand the moving part or jobs but where hubby works at 3rd shift would not be considered which it is downtown LOL!

    I do not know if I can do the intradistrict transfer if they do or do not allow it. I can make some questions down for the supertindent when she will call back this week hopefully. Otherwise we will keep going back to the District Office on that!

    As for getting her out of Kinder, we can not take her out. It is against the state law and the school city laws to simply take her out. (as much as we want to!)
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    Quote:You won't know about the cost until you ask. It's often based on income.

    Quote:I grew up in a small rural community with many monority kids. Our school consistently scored better than most other schools. It's about family values and work ethic.

    Quote:Most states have laws that allow a child to stay out of school until a certain age. Most people can skip kindergarten if they wish. Unless you waited a really long time to start her in school, you might be OK. Check the laws.

    Edited to remove racial comment and repies to same.
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    I bet that you DO have the capability to homeschool her. It is different these days! Research the Homeschool school based programs in your area! You just follow along the materials they give you once a week! There is one in my area where the kids choose to go 2 or 3 or 5 times a week to the school the homeschool program is based out of. The other days they just complete their packets. Maybe someone else knowledgeable can chime in.
    And I agree w/ horsejody that Kinder I believe everywhere is paid for by the state but technically optional. (This is my understanding. A relative of mine didn't go to kinder in Illinois, the parents thought she was "too mature" LOL)
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    Homeschooling is EASY! I have done it with my 2 for the past 3 years. It really is daunting when you do not know much about it, but once you get the ins and outs it is so simple! Only hard part is the paperwork, only because I HATE paperwork [​IMG]

    ETA: Feel free to ask me any questions whether by PM or here.
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    Can you not send her out of district for a cost? I know here you can send out of district for a fee, providing they have the room. I'm all to familiar with minority schools. I have nothing against the color of your skin or where you were born, but the language barrier in some of our city schools is awful. It makes learning for the more advanced children almost impossible.
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    I've never encountered a Catholic school that requires the children to be Catholic. In fact, you don't even have to be Christian. I've met atheist and Jewish families who send their children to Catholic schools because of the solid learning experience. Price-wise, they're usually very reasonable and are willing to work with you to make it work for you.
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    Homeschooling would be your best option, IMO. Homeschooling is very advanced nowadays, and anyone can do it. I am in highschool, and homeschooled. My mother does not have the education to teach me, just today we were playing scrabble, and she got a triple word score and thought 8x3 was 27. She has a lot of common sense but not much academically at all. So I do my school online 100%. Your daughter is too young for that, of course. I do a local online school [it is graded online and everything], but you should check out I have a friend who does this. They are grades K-12 I think. For the older kids it is mostly online, but for the youngins in is almost all with materials [textbooks, workbooks, activities, etc.]. It is extremely rigorous and engaging, and has a VERY high satisfaction rate. And the best part is it is 100% FREE and government funded. My friend's family is low income, and they even sent her a free computer and pay for her internet service. I would do this school, but being in the local online school allows be to play soccer and go to school dances, which is important to me. [​IMG] You should really check it out.

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