Do I have Cornish X or not?


Mar 21, 2018
West Texas
We bought 4 Cornish X from TSC Sunday the 18th. A woman who worked there said they had the chicks there for about a week and they usually receive the chicks a couple days after they hatch. By our estimate they should be around 2 weeks by now. I'm reading about how CX grow so fast and now second guessing if we actually purchased CX. The CX are supposed to be the one on the top right and another at the bottom. We aren't sure what the yellow left top one is either as it came from a different bin with no specific breed label. So my question is if they are CX are they growing on track? Or are they not CX at all?
Definitely not CornishX.
I'm sorry yoU didn't get what you wanted. Can you post pics of the head, showing comb, and legs, to determine what it is? I'm thinking maybe a possible Wyandotte.
O, and post pics of any others you don't know! :)

It was honestly a spur of the moment buy so we were not quite sure what we wanted! I'll find the other 3 we aren't sure of the breed either.
Might be a good thing they aren't Cornish X, then. They are short-lived birds, developed specifically to be meat birds. They aren't meant to live more than a few months.

Yes we read that after getting home with them and I'm quite relieved they're not! Thank you!


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