Do I have the only chickens that doesn't like treats?


11 Years
Jul 22, 2008
I got my chicks last week. Three, 9 week old bantams and 3 pullets about 3 weeks old.

I've tried the yogurt, oatmeal, apple peas. They don't go for anything!
I was looking forward to the yogurt frenzy!

I realize it's only the first week, they are probably just nervous and it will come in time, I hope!

Mine are the same age. Won't touch treats. Tried fruits, corn cobs, melon rinds, grapes, etc. They like finding their own. No grass clippings, but they sure like to mow my lawn. They like no love plain, uncooked Quaker oats though.
Mine haven't been big on treats up until 2ish weeks ago (they're about 7-8 weeks). Now they love cooked spaghetti noodles and apple peels. They'll wait by the run door if they see me outside. All I have to do is say 'Here Chick Chick' and they all come hauling a** at me.

Keep trying.
I had the same problem and I posted about it a few weeks ago. My chicks are almost 7 weeks old now and in the space of one month they have begun to enjoy treats. I gave them a bright red tomato the was split from my garden on a little tray and the loved it. Now they see anything on that tray as being something yummy so I just plop stuff there like broccoli, sunflower heads, weeds, bugs that I have squished, and fruit or veggie scraps from the kitchen. Just give them time and the option and eventually they will come around. Also it helps if they are hungry and the reason I gave them the tomato was because I had run out of feed and I hoped that they would it eat to tide them over until I could go to the feed store. But don't purposely starve your chickies to to get them to try treats lol!
Mine like treats but there are some they will not eat. I threw them some brocolli the other day when they were free ranging and they ate the leftover corn and rice but left the brocoli. They also would not eat cooked butternut squash. Raw they only eat the seeds.

When the dogs got to go back in the yard they ate the brocoili.

Give it time and try different things. Every group of chicks I've had like something different. Eventually they all get into the yogurt, but sometimes it takes seeing the older chickens eating it. Tomatoes brought around one group, mealworms gave me an in with another. Before you know it, you won't be able to show up treatless and not be in fear for your well being.
Mine were picky eaters for the longest time too. They are about 11 weeks old now and, like RavenStorm, if its in the right place and right container, they see it as desirable food. I put down all my kitchen scraps, peelings, leftover veggies or pasta, a pork chop bone, whatever, and they don't reject anything now. Well, they don't really work too hard on a big fat broccoli stem. And winter squash peels took a day to get eaten. And surprisingly, spaghetti was eyed with suspicion at first. But nearly everything disappears by the end of the day.

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