Do I have the right kind of DE?

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    I purchased a big bag of DE at TSC. I asked the girl if it was food grade and she said yes it was so i bought it.
    I have never bought or even seen DE. Is it supposed to be so fine? It looks and feels like ashes. Do I have the right stuff? I hope so, I've already spread it around in the coop and run.
    I didn't think it would be so fine and airey. Wouldn't it be bad for their lungs? People actually dust their chickens with it? Seems like it would be easily digested.

    Thank you for your wisdom, in advance!
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    Usually it says food grade some where on the bag. It is very fine, that's why I don't put too much in the coop bedding, so they are not breathing in a lot of dust. If It is food grade then it is okay for them to digest some.
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    Thank you "Scratch n peck". I was really surprized it was so fine! I haven't looked at the bag with my reading glasses on yet, so I don't know for sure if it says food grade. I will be checking tonight! Thanks again! And BTW it DOES help with the smell and dries things out nice! [​IMG]
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    I bought a bag of DE yesterday. The sales clerk gave me an information sheet with it and it had some interesting facts. It even said it's safe for human consumption, too! Maybe I'll start using DE instead of coffee creamer. [​IMG]
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    It even said it's safe for human consumption

    "Safe" merely means it won't hurt you
    It doesn't mean there are any benefits to eating it​

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