Do I have to provide them with bugs through the snowy winter?


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Sep 21, 2012
Massachusetts, USA
I'm new to this whole chicken thing and I see people posting about deliberately growing mealworms. I've always tried to avoid the little creatures, though I realize my girls' may feel differently on the subject. I'm just wondering if I'll be depriving them if I don't go down that path? I have 6 black sex-link hens and this is their first winter too. Here's a picture of one of my hens checking out the strange white stuff for the very first time.

Thanks in advance!
You don't have to, but they will love you for it. You can buy freeze dried ones if you don't want to mess with farming them.
I suspect that they will be fine without supplemental bugs. Those who live where there are no winter weeds probably don't have problems with the chickens not having supplemental greens in winter.

Thank you!

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