Do I have to turn the eggs?

yes you have to turn them other wise they wont develope right and will die or be deformed as they wil stick to one side of the egg and then will grow all weired turn until three days befor the hatch
This will be hard then - I don't have an Automatic Egg Turner and I have no idea where to get them. And i dont think I'll be able to turn the egs three times a day as im too busy. I dont know anyone who sells AET's. I'm in Australia and the cost of getting one off ebay is $100 +. Help?
it's really not that hard, I've been turning 2 eggs up to 10 times(no less than 5) a day for the last 48 days. You just kind of get use to doing it.
If you have your heart set on an automatic turner try you local feed stores, I have no idea what they go for in AUS but here they're $25-$40.

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