do I increase humidity on day 19? or wait for first pip?


8 Years
Apr 7, 2011
Do I increase humidity because today is day 19? I only see two eggs wiggling in the egg turners out total of 120 eggs. will it hurt to take humidity now to 70% ? thanks
I would raise the humidity, but it's your choice. I think a good humidity level means everything to the hatch. The only worry I would have if you didn't is that they would dry out too much and you would have to help the hatch.
I just increased humidity to 70%. Thanks for the help. Probably should have increased it yesterday.
I only have two wiggling do I turn egg turners off soon? and then move to hatching trays when first on pips?
Thank you appreciate the help. wonder if eggs being on an angle when I turn off egg turners matters?
I move mine out of the turner, not just turn it off, when it is time to lockdown. I know that some people hatch eggs in cartons and some on mats/screens. I think that hatching in a turner would likely make a mess that is tough to clean.

The difference in success may be minimal, but I also set my eggs so that the deepest dip in the air cell (when held fat end up) is at the top when the egg is lying on its side.
Ok I wasnt sure if i let them sit in turners till one pips, then move them to hatching trays?

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