Do I let my standard hen hatch bantam eggs


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I have a broody Australorp hen and no rooster for her (besides my Bantam Cochins and they try but,
that's another story). I found two of my little bantam cochin eggs and thought I would let my Australorp hatch them out since she is wanting to sit. My other thirteen Australorp hens should be able to carry on laying and keeping us in eggs just fine. What do all you BYC-ers think? First time momma - is it worth a shot? I will move her to a big dog crate if she continues to be good brody momma.

Thank you!
Maybe not such a great idea after all with first time broodies. Two went broody and I put bantam eggs under both. In one nest I found a chick that looked like it never made it out of it's shell even though it was out of the shell. It was still in the curled up position. It was in front of her though and flattened out like she had rested her breast bone on it. The other one had a an egg with a broken shell on top. She kept trying to sit on it and it just mashe dit more. No more chicky.

Two left in each. Two in one nest are several days past hatch date. I am concerned they passed. Other two are still couple days before date. Worried she may mash them though. Wish my bantams would go broody! If I didn't already have duck eggs in the bator I would grab up those last two eggs and hatch them out.

So FYI maybe not such a great idea. Bummer!
If I ever come down Texas way I'll bring you a bantam cochin, they never STOP going broody!

That's what I have!! Three little hens and a rooster. They go in at night with the big ones and keep to themselves during the day when free ranging. I think what happens though is that the big hens kick them out of the nest boxes and so I don't think they have a chance to go broody. I might just lock onein a dog crate and see what happens. She may feel safe enough to sit. I saw one of the little blues sitting and so I put a littel crate in front of the nest box to keep the big ones out and so she could hide and still get out. I came back and she was off the nest. So bummed. They are pretty timid now that I have a standard rooster. But I have never seen him pick on any of them. He is actually pretty shy himself. I had seven bantam cochin roos and gave six away. I kept the one with best feathering etc, but he is also the one that is most timid (for a cochin). In a sense this keeps them safe because they stay out of the way of the others but also keeps his hens from sitting on a nest very long. Will have to try different things to get them to sit. Thank you though! I have a dozen little eggs ready for a bator!
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